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Tip #3

Do you children have good posture when carrying their backpack? Overweight backpacks can cause back, neck an shoulder pain. Over time this can cause poor posture as a curvature in the back, rounded shoulders and lean forward. Wheb using the backpack in one-shoulder column will try to compensate for the extra weight by leaninig to one side, creating an imbalance in the body. The use of backpack with narrow straps can interface with circulation, since these belts can pinch [...]

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Tip #2

Your sleeping position may be affecting your back! UImproper posture while sleeping can cause pain in neck, back and shoulders. Two basic rules: . Avoid sleeping upside down. . Keep a neutral position when sleeping sideways or upside down. Sleeping upside down forces your neck to turn to one side and keeps him trapped as long as you are asleep. This can certainly cause irritation to the spine and the nerves of the neck and shoulders.

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Tip #1

The pelvis is the basis of all of vertebral column, if the pelvis has the slightest inclination, this translates into a mismatch in the entire body. Sitting in the portfolio creates an imbalance that the column will try to compensable by putting more pressure on (specially sacroiliac joint) joints, muscles, ligaments and the nervous system. In the long run can cause serious problems in the spine or sciatica. We recommend you to visit a chiropractor.

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