It’s always an exciting and enjoyable time for all the family. However, it can cause extra strains on the back and neck. We have some advice to keep you free of pain during the holidays

Time for the decorations!

Try not to overstretch, use a step ladder to hang up your garlands or to put the angel on top of the tree. Get someone to help you with the heavy items, like the Christmas tree,rather than straining on your own.

Out shopping!

Christmas shopping is starting!. carrying heavy bags searching for that special gift can cause extra strains on the back and neck.
– Distribute the weight of shopping bags evenly between both sides.
– Carry heavy loads close to the body; a weight held at arm’s length can have the effect of being up to seven times heavier.
– Carrying large light items is worse than carrying small heavy items.

Online shopping for Christmas gifts means avoiding carrying heavy objects. However, you can cause stresses and strains hunched over a computer or laptop.
– Avoid sitting on the sofa with a laptop, you will be concentrating so hard on the screen, that you may not realise you are getting a stiff back or neck.
– Set up your desk and chair at work to make it as optimal for you and your back as possible.

Treat yourself this Christmas!

This Christmas, take a few minutes every day to think about yourself. Holidays are not an excuse for inactivity, a short walk around the house or garden, or a few times up and down the stairs will loosen up the muscles and get the circulation going. Family Chiropractic Querétaro recommends doing Straighten Up routine every day to improve your flexibility, ease your aches and pains and get yourself set for a happy, healthy Christmas!

Click here to watch a video of posture exercises