Message to the community of Jurica, Juriquilla and Queretaro

Dr. Marcus likes to make sure you really understand what your problem is and also what you need to do about it. You will be able to see for yourself how you are improving by the fact that your symptoms are reducing, that your muscles are getting stronger and by other computerized tests. Most importantly he likes to make the visits fun.

Dr. Marcus would ideally like to see a world where all children routinely see a chiropractor after birth. In fact, this is starting to become a reality in his home town in England.

So this really marks the birth of modern chiropractic for children and families in Queretaro. Let’s prevent life-long problems occurring. Your child can be adjusted with chiropractic at any age, even before birth! Yes the alignment of the mother’s pelvis can affect the uterus and the position of the unborn baby foetus and subsequently the birth process. Find out more here.

Want to find out more about chiropractic? Come in for more information or to make an appointment. You can also request an appointment by phone or online.

Services Offered

      • Chiropractic care for children, pregnant women and the whole family. Various techniques to suit you.

      • Ergonomic and postural advice.
      • Custom fitted orthotics