Treating all ages with gentle chiropractic is not a new concept, but we go that extra step to give you and your family a truly enjoyable experience from the moment you enter the clinic. You should leave our clinic feeling years younger, with more energy and healthier than when you entered!

Our goal is assist your body to heal itself faster, to get you off any medications you may be taking, to prevent you from having un-necessary surgery and to get you back doing what you want to do.We believe every person with a nervous system deserves to be checked by a chiropractor.


Our Vision

Our vision is a clinic focused on families, specializing in children and pregnant women. It is the first place that Queretaro go to check your spine and nervous system. It is a safe and fun place for families to get be healthy and stay healthy. We are a wellness clinic where people quickly realize that their symptoms have nothing to do with your health.

Our Purpose.

Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. Helping children to be born, grow and live to their full potential; happy, balanced, strong and connected as it should be in nature. We want to prevent suffering in families and avoid unnecessary use of medicines and operations.

Our Missionn

Our mission is to empower and inspire families Queretaro to live a happy and healthy lifestyle through chiropractic life style. We are committed to providing high quality service to each patient: with love and humor to teach all the necessary information for
make the best decisions to make healthier children and create lasting changes that will impact future generations.