Andrea Osorio

Hello! My name is Andrea, I graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara as a physiotherapist. My work in the clinic is as a chiropractic assistant and as a physiotherapist, helping patients become aware of their positions, massage (deep tissue and fascial massage), stretching and exercises to complement the Chiropractor with this treatment. Its really rewarding to work in the area of physical therapy in the clinic, as I’m part of the health cycle that helps people and families to find optimum health in a natural and enjoyable way.


My first experience with regard to chiropractic was at seven years old, when my parents took me to a “Chiropractor” out of curiosity, when in fact it was someone who we would call a “bonesetter”. What he did has very painful and it was nothing to do with the Chiropractic I now know today. A year ago I had a car accident and my neck and back did not return to feel like they did before. As a physiotherapist I knew I had to exercise to help improve the muscle condition of my back, but despite that something still felt wrong. Today I receive Chiropractic adjustments within the clinic and the pain in my back and the weakness is now less than 80% and I know that with continued adjustments, perseverance, taking care of my posture and doing exercise I will be completely better soon. I believe the body is the vehicle that carries us and keeps us on the road of life, so we have to love it, listen to it, maintain it and take care of it. My biggest satisfaction in the clinic is to see the physical improvement and a smile that reflects the optimal condition of each patient who comes to the clinic and get adjusted. It’s amazing to see patients start their treatment and being a witness in the changes in their moods and see the body consciousness that they acquire after being adjusted. Being a part of Family Chiropractic is a fun experience with a lot of growth and so much to learn.